"Our duty is to free people from poverty. And to me poverty means without shelter, without protection, without access to healthcare, education or credit and without hope of every controlling one's own destiny..."

-His Highness the Aga Khan

Helping Family Income

We help increase family income by training people in marketable skills such as sewing, cutting, styling and fashion design, etc, enabling them to earn additional income.

Improving Living Conditions

We help to improve the living conditions of families who are below the poverty line in Pakistan and Tajikistan.

Educating Children

We help provide proper education to children to end this cycle of poverty.

Our Story - The Foundation for a Better Life

FBL Events

FBL Tajikistan -

Garment Factory Opening Ceremony

FBL Tajikistan -

Graduation Ceremony 2019

FBL Tajikistan -

Garment Factory Opening Ceremony #2